This past weekend, I really had to go back to the roots of why I wanted to start Maine Mondays, and actually, the purpose of The Mostly Free Bird altogether. I didn’t feel like doing anything. I didn’t feel like following my own creed of seeking adventure, no matter how small, and while on limited time and money.

I made a million excuses. I had a long list under the “to do” heading. Yesterday started a very long work week for me between both jobs, and on Saturday, it felt easier to just sit and scroll through my phone, watching the time go by on my only day off for the next two weeks. I felt the weight of my own budgeted time and money. Even though the weather was absolutely beautiful, everything felt too far away for me. I did want to go outside, and I did want to go to the ocean, but I didn’t feel like driving to Bar Harbor in all the tourist craziness. I couldn’t afford to have an expensive meal on the water. I wanted to go for a walk, but I go to the Bangor City Forest all the time. All the amazing ideas I had brainstormed or people had sent to me for Maine Monday excursions felt overwhelming for my lack of planning; it was already past 1 o’clock and I was sitting at my house in Hermon.

That’s when it dawned on me to revisit Moose Point State Park. My GPS told me it was only a 50-minute drive to the spot in Searsport, and I remembered vividly from a couple years ago that I would be right on the ocean, while still being able to walk through the trails.

As soon as I got in my car and started driving, I immediately felt better. I forgot all about my laundry, groceries, meal-prep, emails, writing projects. This also made me realize that an adventure is simply cruising around in the summertime, windows down and good tunes playing. The drive was super quick, the park was easy to find, and it was only $3 to get in. Within minutes I was immersed in the woods, the ocean to my left looking like a picturesque Maine postcard. No, seriously. There was even a loon to complete the image. IMG_5032

The best part? There were only a handful of people there! Solo hikers were walking pensively, taking their time exploring the scenery of wild flowers and woodland.  A couple lounged in hammocks reading, a family explored the tide pools with their dog, and a few others sat at picnic tables. No crowded paths with elbowing tourists and selfie sticks (I’m allowed to say that – I love a good selfie). This was a Saturday around 2 o’clock, keep in mind. Prime time. So, it’s safe to say that this place really is a hidden gem that not too many know about.

I didn’t wander too far on the trails, but I did do a small loop and then spent some time sitting in the gazebo overlooking the water. After my much-needed fill of salty air and sea breeze, I headed home. I still made it back to Bangor in plenty of time to do all my chores, but I was more energized and focused since being outside and moving around. I felt accomplished and calmer, ready to tackle my to-do list as well as the upcoming week.





*The park is dog-friendly, has bathroom facilities, a playground, and a pavilion.

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