I’m a Bad Teacher

I walk to my car and try my best to avert my eyes to the full school parking lot. It doesn’t matter that it’s an impossibly perfect July day or that I already put some hours into my classroom; there is always work to be done, and always someone working harder. I swallow all those … Continue reading I’m a Bad Teacher


Bangor Area Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Dunkin' has pumpkin spice, the flannels are out, the morning air is as crisp as the apples we're chowing down on, and the leaves have begun to reveal a colorful array of gold and maroon. In the words of Oscar Wilde, "all at once, summer collapsed into fall." In my words: "OhMyGodIt'sSweaterWeatherAndFiresAndHalloweenAndScaryMovies-TheMostWonderfulTimeOfTheYear." Bottom line, it's … Continue reading Bangor Area Ultimate Fall Bucket List