The Mile High Scare

About 30 minutes into our 12-hour flight from Tokyo to D.C., flight attendants made their rounds with the routine drinks and snacks. Instead of pretzels, we were supplied with an “oriental mix” consisting of sesame sticks and dried wasabi peas. I cozied into my airplane seat, reclined the few inches it allowed, and was just … Continue reading The Mile High Scare

What No One Tells You About Traveling

Traveling tends to be romanticized, especially in our present time when social media only beckons the ‘good stuff.’ There’s a misconception that it’s always carefreeness, always wide-toothed grinning, always the act of finding yourself and the answers to life in a light and peaceful way. Although those are huge components, there’s an unpopular truth that … Continue reading What No One Tells You About Traveling